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PHRplus is continuing the work of the predecessor PHR project by contributing to the USAID Cairo mission's Strategic Objective 20 "Healthy, Planned Families," which is expected to guide their programs over the next several years.

USAID/Cairo requested PHRplus provide assistance to the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) Central Administration for Technical Support and Projects (CATSP) Office. The focus is on quality improvement, finance, and insurance; implementing pilot health reform programs at the governorate level, and helping institute advocacy for health reform within the MOHP and the Government of Egypt.

A key PHRplus activity is to assist the MOHP Health Sector Reform Program implement an enhanced and comprehensive family health care model in two or three governorates. PHRplus has been asked to first implement the model in the Suez Governorate to demonstrate its effectiveness and sustainability.


PHRplus' work is focused on five areas:
  1. Establishing a governorate profile to set priorities and approaches for reform interventions.
  2. Refining and expanding the Family Health Model at district levels.
  3. Accrediting and improving the quality of primary and secondary health care.
  4. Strengthening central- and governorate-level planning and management of health services resources.
  5. Advocating for acceptance and support of the reform effort.


Defining the Family Health Model
The reform model aims at improving the quality of and access to primary health care through the establishment of networks of public and private Family Health Units (FHUs) and Family Health Centers (FHCs) that, together with a district referral hospital, can offer a comprehensive package of integrated health services to all members of a family who enroll as a unit. The Family Health Model approach incorporates principles of primary care and the specialty of family medicine and provides continuing care through a defined benefit package to each enrolled family unit. In addition, facilities included in the model are renovated and accredited according to a set of national quality standards. Based on an assessment of the FHUs/FHCs' staff skills, special training programs (clinical and managerial) are designed and conducted to assure that the highest quality of care is provided, facilities are well managed, and clients are satisfied with their health services.

Focus on Underserved Population
The expanded family health care model will target the underserved by reaching out to the poor - with special attention to women, children, and the uninsured. The enrollment of whole families, rather than individuals, ensures that the health needs of each age group and gender are met. In each district, the project will develop and implement a strategy to target these identified groups and communicate to them the enrollment process and its value, a defined benefits package, and their rights to quality and accessible health care.

Focus at the District Level
To implement the Family Health model in the form of FHUs/FHCs, it is necessary to prepare district officials to manage the reform initiative in order to control costs and assure quality of care. To this end, PHRplus will work closely with district and facility managers to alter processes of care in the family clinics so that they can better capitalize on infrastructure improvements and improve family utilization patterns. The district approach also allows the implementation to be tailored to the needs of each district and to available resources.

Personnel - Egypt
Personnel - Bethesda
Nadwa Rafeh, Long Term Advisor Manjiri Bhawalkar, Regional Coordinator
Nefesa Hassan, Technical Specialist Task Manager
Nancy Samy, Project Assistant
Gary Gaumer, Technical Reviewer
Hussein Abdel Al, Office Assistant
Samy Zowam, Driver

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