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El Salvador

SIBASI in El Salvador


USAID has made major investments in the Salvadoran health system over a long period of time and with positive results. Preliminary results of the 2003 National Family Health Survey (Encuesta Nacional de Salud Familiar or FESAL) suggest substantial improvements in the health indicators of the Salvadoran population. A new government administration is in place and is interested in the institutionalization of the Basic Integrated Health Systems (Sistemas Básicos de Salud Integral or SIBASI) structure for the delivery of health care. PHRplus is working at both the central and SIBASI levels to strengthen administrative and financial systems to increase efficiency and facilitate the decentralization of responsibilities and authority to the SIBASI.

In 2004, at the request of USAID/El Salvador, PHRplus added new activities to its implementation plan. These activities focus on child and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS (with the National Police and the National Academy of Public Security), and surveillance and are closely integrated with on-going PHRplus activities in seven of the 28 SIBASIs throughout the country. PHRplus will manage these new activities as part of the SALSA (Salvadoreños Saludables) project in an effort to improve efficiency and increase results through a more integrated approach to technical assistance for the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (Ministerio de Salud Pública y Asistencia Social or MSPAS).


  • Increase access to, and demand for, quality priority health services with a focus on rural areas. To accomplish this goal, PHRplus has concentrated its technical assistance on increasing the efficiency of administrative and financial systems of the MSPAS at the central level and in seven selected SIBASIs.


  • Support the MSPAS and other key actors at the central level to strengthen the health system.
  • Support the development of local capacity to deliver integrated, basic health services to vulnerable populations (SIBASI).
  • Enhance the policy environment to support the modernized MSPAS at the central and zonal level and the development and improved functioning of the SIBASIs at the local, service provision level.
  • Continue technical work in child health, reproductive health, infectious disease surveillance, and HIV/AIDS.


PHRplus has:

  • contributed to the establishment of the SIBASI system by developing guidelines that define the role of the central MOH, focusing on stewardship, and the role of the SIBASIs.
  • helped design the contracts between the SIBASI and the central MSPAS specifying the requirements of this new relationship.
  • reviewed the Manual para el funcionamiento del equipo administrativo financiero del SIBASI identifying opportunities for the optimization of the processes and improved procedures. It also identified processes that were not initially considered and that are necessary for effective administration.
  • completed baseline analyses for the SIBASIs in Suchitoto, Cojutepeque, San Vicente, La Paz, Jiquilisco, Usulutan and San Miguel (25% of the Salvadorian population).
  • developed a monitoring and evaluation system for the key functions of the SIBASI.
  • developed a software program to automate purchasing and contracting for the central level and for the SIBASIs.
  • developed a planning and program methodology for the development of budgets and financial control for the central level, the 28 SIBASIs, and for referral hospitals.
Key Personnel - El Salvador
Key Personnel - Bethesda
Jose Manuel Beza, Senior Technical Advisor Jack Galloway, Regional Coordinator
Carlos Castano, Technical Advisor Mary Diehl, Task Manager
Patricia de Quinteros, Child Health Manager
Douglas Jarquin, Reproductive Health Manager
Luis Palma, HIV/AIDS Manager
Rene Osorio, Epidemiological Surveillance System
Glenda Mejia, Administrative Coordinator

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