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Hospital Staff in Eritrea

Our activities in Eritrea have ended but retain the existing description of country activities. To request a copy of the final country report, send an email to the


Eritrea wishes to increase the use of primary health care services (PHC) by its population by increasing the quality of and access to these services. PHC services currently are negatively affected by the large percentage of Ministry of Health (MOH) resources (capital and recurrent costs) dedicated to the hospital system. PHRplus is therefore helping to improve the efficiency of its hospital sector, thereby being able to allocate adequate resources to maintain a viable primary health care system.

Contribution to Mission Objectives

USAID/Eritrea's strategic objective is to increase the use of primary health care services. In Eritrea the quality and access to PHC services is greatly affected by the large percentage of Ministry resources (capital and recurrent costs) that are dedicated to the hospital system. To ensure that the Ministry is able to allocate adequate resources to maintain a viable primary health care system, USAID and PHRplus will support the Ministry's effort to:

  1. Improve the management and financial systems of the hospital system which will result in greater hospital efficiency and cost savings;
  2. Rationalize the expansion of the hospital system;
  3. Expand cost recovery in hospitals through hospital autonomy and greater community involvement;
  4. Build capacity to strengthen management and financial systems; and
  5. Empower communities to play a larger role in the governance and financing of their regional and communtiy MOH hospitals.

Principal Activities

  • Strengthen the management and financial management of three pilot hospitals at the district, regional, and national levels; and the management of zoba/regional health management teams.
  • Consolidate selected services of three national referral hospitals.
  • Assist in the development of a strategic plan for the MOH.
  • Develop a Hospital Management Training Plan.
  • Train MOH staff and conduct a first round of National Health Accounts to inform national level policy.


  • Pilot hospital staff learning new management skills
  • Public-private hospital opened to serve private fee-for-service patients
  • Improved coordination of National Referral hospitals
  • New public-private hospital opened on limited basis resulting in cost savings.
  • Management teams of pilot hospitals trained in basic hospital management.
  • MOH Strategic Plan initiated (Vision and Mission statements written).
  • Cost analysis of Keren Regional Hospital and Dekemhare Community Hospital.

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