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West and Central Africa-Mutual Health Organizations

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The West and Central Africa (WCA) Regional Assistance Plan (RAP) intends to reinforce and capitalize on USAID’s investment in mutual health organizations (MHOs) in the region. The WCA RAP program is built on PHRplus’ extensive experience in Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, and in other parts of Africa with mutual health organizations and community financing.


  • Increase access to and utilization of quality priority health services.
  • Build skills to promote and mange MHOs.
  • Evaluate document and disseminate finding to inform the growing MHO movement.


Activities under the RAP include providing technical assistance to both new and existing MHOs, working with providers to improve ability to contract and maintain relationships with MHOs, providing support to emerging larger units (unions and networks) of MHOs to enhance long-term sustainability, leveraging quality improvements from MHOs, disseminating products from PHR for promotion, advocacy and training in target communities, and assisting the Ministry of Health in developing appropriate health financing policies.


  • Ghana MHO - PHRplus is providing technical assistance to MHOs to increase access to and demand for quality priority health services, as well as capacity to design and develop effective and sustainable health financing solutions.

  • Senegal MHO - As USAID/Senegal has stated its interest in testing several different models over the next couple of years, PHRplus has identified three viable options for channeling technical assistance to MHOs and these are being carried out in the regions of Thies, Darou Mousty, Touba, and Louga. PHRplus is also assisting the Ministry of Health in developing health financing policies to support the emerging MHO movement.

  • Mali MHO - Since 1998, PHRplus and PHR have been working in two sites in Mali (the Cercle de Bla and the Commune de Sikasso) on the Equity Initiative (IPE). PHRplus assisted with the organization of four mutuelles, two in each site. These schemes began to pay for members’ health care in October 2002 and cover more than 1,500 individuals thus far. PHRplus is beginning to assist with the targeted IEC messages to reinforce mutuelle membership and utilization of priority services, especially maternal health care.

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