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Health center forms-Albania

Approaches to Monitoring and Evaluation

Background and Strategy

Under PHR, the Project developed a conceptual framework for measuring the results of health sector reform. During the past three years, the global dialogue regarding monitoring health systems performance has intensified, partly as a consequence of the debate sparked by the World Health Report 2000, and partly in recognition of the fact that there is still a lack of solid empirical evidence to guide countries in the development of reform strategies. PHRplus is working to address the gaps in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in a number of ways. The Project is working to strengthen methodologies available for M&E, and is engaged in conducting M&E in order to improve the global knowledge base about which health systems strengthening strategies work. Our M&E program relates both to the Project's own activities (internal monitoring) and to broader country-led initiatives.


  • Internal project monitoring
  • Developing methodologies to monitor and evaluate specific reforms at the country level
  • Contributing to the debate about appropriate methodologies for cross-country M&E
  • Collecting further evidence about the impact of system strengthening strategies
  • Technical assistance to the global funds for M&E

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