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Report Title
Final Report of the Latin America and Caribbean Health and Nutrition Sustainability Contract
Lani Marquez, Tisna Veldhuyzen van Zanten, John Holley, Sally Crelia, Tina Sanghvi, Sylvia Megret, José Mora, Olga Sting, and Enrique Merino
April 1996

A Study of the Recurrent Unit Costs of Primary Health Care Services in a Sample of Bolivian Ministry of Health Facilities, 1990-1991
Manuel Olave, Dante Gimenez, Ricardo Meerhoff, Jack Fiedler, John Holley, Jack Galloway, and Tom Bossert
December 1992

El Financiamiento de1 Sector Salud en Nicaragua: Desafios para la Década de los Noventa
Available only in Spanish
Rubén Suarez
June 1991

Health Sector Financing in Nicaragua: Challenges for the Nineties
Rubén Suarez
June 1991

Comparing the Costs and Effectiveness of Alternative Food Security and Nutrition Programs in Honduras

The Costs and Effectiveness of Three Vitamin A Interventions in Guatemala
Margaret Phillips, Tina Sanghvi, Ruben Suarez, John McKigney, Veronica Vargas and Cheryl Wickham
May 1994

Pharmaceutical Indicators: A Methodology for Rapidly Assessing Key Aspects of Drug System Performance
March 1994

Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Breastfeeding Promotion in Maternity Services
Tina Sanghvi

The Privatization of Health Care in Three Latin American Social Security Systems
John Fiedler
June 1995

Increasing Reliance on User Fees as a Response to Public Health Financing Crises: A Case Study of El Salvador
John Fiedler
July 1990

The Costs and Cost-Effectiveness of School Feeding and School Bonos Programs in Honduras
Margaret Phillips, Gustavo Saenz, John Fiedler, Beatrice Rogers, Peter Tatian, Tina Sanghvi and Jere Behrman
September 1995

Review of Health Financing in Jamaica and A Survey of the Feasibility of National Health Insurance
Stanley Lalta
September 1995

Lessons Learned from the LAC HNS Recurrent Cost Studies of Primary Health Care Services
John Fiedler, John Holley, and Lani Marquez
October 1995

Cost Recovery in Jamaican Health Facilities
Donald Shepard
March 1993

Los costos y la eficacia en función de los costos de los programas de merienda escolar y de bonos escolares en Honduras
Available only in Spanish
Margaret Phillips, Gustavo Saenz, John Fiedler, Peter Tatian, Beatrice Rogers, Tina G. Sanghvi y Jere Behrman
September 1995

Quality, Costs and Cost Recovery: A Comparative Study of the Unidad Sanitaria of the Ministry of Health and Prosalud in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Paul Richardson, Jack Galloway, Manuel Olave, Patricia Terrazas, and Tom Bossert
September 1992

Guidelines for Estimating the Costs, Savings, and Cost Effectiveness of Breastfeeding Promotion through Health Facilities
Robert Robertson, Tim Sanghvi, Ann Brownlee, and John Fiedler
November 1995

Primary Health Care Recurrent Cost Study - Belize
Thomas Bossert, Margaret Phillips, Veronica Vargas, and Annette Bongiovanni
November 1991

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