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Report Title
Provider Incentives and Productive Efficiency in Government Health Services
Ricardo Bitran and Steven Block
September 1992

Technical and Economic Efficiency in the Production of Health Services
Ricardo Bitran
December 1992

Extending Coverage and Benefits of Social Financing Systems in Developing Countries
Gerard La Forgia, Charles Griffin, and Randall Bovbjerg
March 1993

Efficiency in the Consumption of Health Services: Concepts and Research Needs
Robin Barlow, Christine Kolars, Cathy Peters, and Bilkis Vissandjée
June 1993

Public and Private Interactions in the Health Sector in Developing Countries
Randall Ellis and Mukesh Chawla
February 1993

Economic Impacts of Malaria in Kenya and Nigeria
Charlotte Leighton and Rebecca Foster
November 1993

Means Testing in Cost Recovery of Health Services in Developing Countries
Carla Willis
November 1993

Quality of Health Care and its Role in Cost Recovery with a Focus on Empirical Findings about Willingness to Pay for Quality Improvements
Annemarie Wouters, Olusoji Adeyi, and Richard Morrow
December 1993

Factors Affecting the Development of Private Health Care Provision in Developing Countries
Peter Berman and Ravindra Rannan-Eliya
October 1993

Costs, Financing, and Efficiency of Government Health Facilities in Senegal
Available in French:
Coûts, financements et efficacité des établissements sanitaires publics au Sénégal
Ricardo Bitran and Steven Brewster
August 1994

Costs, Financing, and Efficiency of Health Providers in Senegal: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Providers
Available in French:
Coûts, financements et efficience de prestataires de santé au Sénégal : Une analyse comparative des prestataires publics et prives
Ricardo Bitran, Steven Brewster, and Bineta Ba
July 1994

Quality of Health Care and its Role in Cost Recovery in Africa: Cost Recovery and Improved Drug Availability in Niger—Implications for Total Patient Treatment Costs
Available in French:
La qualité des soins de santé et son rôle dans le recouvrement des coûts en Afrique: Recouvrement des coûts et amélioration de la disponibilité des médicaments au Niger—Implications pour les coûts globaux detraitement de patients
Annemarie Wouters and Anthony Kouzis
December 1994

Quality of Health Care and Cost Recovery in Africa: Evidence from Niger and Senegal - Phases 2 and 3: Field Work, Research Results, and Policy Recommendations
Available in French:
Qualite Des Soins De Sante Et Recouvrement Des Couts En Afrique: Preuves Du Niger Et Du Senegal Etapes 2 Et 3: Travail De Terrain, R├ęsultats De Recherches Et Recommandations
Annemarie Wouters
October 1994

Private Sector Delivery of Health Care in Tanzania
Available in French:
Présentations de soins de santé dans le secteur prive en Tanzanie
Gaspar Munishi, Abdo Yazbeck, Denise DeRoeck, and Denise Lionetti
February 1995

Social Financing and Fee-for-Service Cost Recovery in Niger
Available in French:
Recouvrement des coûts au moyen du financement social et des paiements a l’acte du Niger
Abdo Yazbeck and Mark Wenner
December 1994

The Private Sector Delivery of Health Care: Senegal
Available in French:
La prestation de soin de santé par le secteur prive : Sénégal
James Knowles, Abdo Yazbeck, and Steven Brewster
December 1994

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