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PHRplus Technical Report
Report Title
Analysis of the Demand for Inpatient and Outpatient Care from Imbaba Hospital, Cairo, Egypt
Randall Ellis and Elizabeth Stephenson
November 1992

Expenditure Patterns and Willingness to Pay for Health Services in Belize: Analysis of the 1991 Belize Family Health Survey
James North, Charles Griffin, and David Guilkey
February 1993

Local Retention of User Fees on Government Health Facilities
Keith McInnes
June 1993

Health Insurance in Practice: Fifteen Case Studies from Developing Countries
Gerard La Forgia and Charles Griffin
March 1993

The Effects of Population Aging on Health Care Utilization and Costs for the Centro de Asistencia del Sindicato Medico del Uruguay (CASMU)
Michael Micklin, Holly Wong, and Steve Heinig
August 1993

Quality of Health Care in Relation to Cost Recovery in Fiji: Focus Group Study Report
E.B. Attah and Nii-K. Plange
October 1993

Cost Recovery and Quality of Care in the Congo
Basile Tsongo, Carla Willis, David Deal, and Holly Wong
September 1993

Synthèse des études relatives au financement de la santé : Sénégal
Available only in French
Robin Barlow, François Diop, and NGoné Touré Sene
September 1991

Estimating the Willingness to Pay for Quality of Care: Comparison of Contingent Valuation and Two-Step Health Expenditure Methods
Marcia Weaver, Ruth Kornfield, Michael Chapko, Cesaire Blewanev, Robert Ndamobissi, Antoine Sathe, and Leon-Patrice Ngueretia
October 1993

A Health Subsidies Allocation Model for Chile
Available in Spanish:
Modelo para la asignación de subsidios de salud
Jorge Claro, Gabriel Bitran, and Bernardo Luque
November 1993

Unit Cost and Financial Analysis for the Hospital 12 de Abril in Bolivia
Manuel Olave and Zulma Montano
March 1993

The Role of Quality in the Demand for Health Care: Cebu, Philippines
David Hotchkiss
December 1993

Financing Health Services through Insurance: A Case Study from Kenya
Germano Mwabu, Joseph Wang'ombe, Gerishon Ikiara, Mutsembi Manundu, and Simon Kiugu
October 1993

To Pay or Not to Pay: Purchasing Prescirbed Government Pharmaceuticals in Rural Mali
Nancy Mezey
December 1993

Study of Availability and Price of Drugs in Algeria
A. Touat
December 1994

Schistosomiasis Control Strategies in Northern Cameroon: A Study Based on Household Survey Data from the Extreme North Provinces
M. Mahmud Khan
December 1994

Multiple Job-Holdings by Government Health Personnel in Developing Countries
Mukesh Chawla
December 1994

Use of and Demand for Health Services in Senegal
Available in French:
Utilisation et demande de services de santé au Sénégal
Abdoulaye Sadio and François Diop
August 1994

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