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Report Title
Kenya Ministry of Health Preventive and Primary Health Care Resources Gap Study
Larry Forgy, Mutsembi Manundu, and S.N. Muchiri
October 1990

Health Services for Low-income Families: Extending Coverage through Prepayment Plans in the Dominican Republic
Gerard La Forgia
December 1990

Assessment of Health Systems, Financing and Policy Options in Arequipa Region, Peru
Available in Spanish:
Evaluación de los sistemas de salud, financiación y opciones de política en la región de Arequipa, Perú
Josh Coburn
February 1991

Tools for Break-even Analysis and Financial Control at Mirebalais Hospital, Haiti
Available in French:
Instruments d’analyse de point mort et de contrôle financier a l’hôpital Mirebalais, Haïti
Kristen Frederiksen and Serge Fernandez
April 1991

Cost Recovery in Public Hospitals in Belize
Gerard la Forgia and Charles Griffin
January 1992

El régimen legal de los servicios de salud em Ecuador
Available only in Spanish
Alberto Wray, Ivette Haboud, Elizabeth Garcia, and Lucia Cordero
June 1992

Health Financing in Fiji: The Role of and Potential for Cost Recovery
Holly Wong and Salik Govind
June 1992

The Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS): Economic Evaluation and Options for Reform
Available in Spanish:
Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social (IESS): Evaluación económica y opciones para reforma
Carmelo Mesa-Lago
September 1992

The Potential for Sustained Provision of Health Services by Sector PVOs in the Dominican Republic: An Economic and Institutional Analysis
Gerard La Forgia and Stephen Heinig
January 1992

Policy Options for Financing Health Services in Pakistan: Summary Report (Volume I)
Marty Makinen
September 1993

Policy Options for Financing Health Services in Pakistan: Hospital Quality Assurance through Standards and Accreditation (Volume II)
Gregory Becker
September 1993

Policy Options for Financing Health Services in Pakistan: Hospital Autonomy (Volume III)
Stan Hildebrand and William Newbrander
September 1993

Policy Options for Financing Health Services in Pakistan: Development of Private Health Insurance Based on Managed-Care Principles (Volume IV)
Zohair Ashir, Harris Berman, and Jon Kingsdale
September 1993

Policy Options for Financing Health Services in Pakistan: Organizing and Financing Rural Health Services (Volume V)
Richard Yoder, Sikandar Lalani, and Marty Makinen
September 1993

Health Financing in Tuvalu
Holly Wong
September 1993

Organization and Financing of Rural Social Insurance in Ecuador, Seguridad Social Campesino
Dieter Zschock and Jazmina Estupiñan
November 1994

Rural Health Services at Seguridad Social Campesino Facilities: Analyses of Facility and Household Surveys, Ecuador
Denise DeRoeck, James Knowles, Tom Wittenberg, Laura Raney, and Polibio Cordova
March 1996

Evaluation of Health Insurance Demonstrations in Kazakhstan: Dzheskasgan and South Kazakhstan Oblasts
Jack Langenbrunner, Igor Sheiman, Samir Zaman, Alexander Okovechnikov, Sarbi Arystanova, Sergi Kim, and Alexander Danilenko
July 1994

Technical Assistance in Developing a Health Insurance Reform Demonstration in Issyk-Kul Oblasts, Kyrgyzstan: Progress, Problems, and Prospects
Jack Langenbrunner, Michael Borowitz, Jane Haycock, Sheryl Rimer, Alexander Okonechnikov, Ainagoul Shayakmetova, Sarbi Arystanova, Tokon Ismailova, Alexander Danilenko, Anya Obryashchenko, and Medina Akhmetova
July 1994

Evaluation of the Impact of Pilot Tests for Cost Recovery on Primary Health Care in Niger
Available in French:
Evaluation économique des tests pilotes de recouvrement des coûts dans le secteur non-hospitalier au Niger
François Diop, Ricardo Bitran, and Marty Makinen
October 1994

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