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PHRplus Software Helps Determine Costs of ARV Programs

In many low-resource countries there has been renewed discussion recently about the prospect of providing anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment to HIV/AIDS patients. In response to this trend, PHRplus has developed the AIDSTREATCOST (ATC) model. The ATC is designed to estimate the costs and resources required to implement an ARV program under various assumptions and scenarios that the model allows the users to define. The model can be tailored to country-specific situations using local data from statistical agencies, Ministries of Health, health facilities, and so on. Intended users include policymakers, program planners, and technical working groups.

The operation of the ATC model comprises two main steps. First, baseline data is entered under four categories (demographic, epidemiological, medical, and cost data). Second, the user is able to specify various policy scenarios for an ARV program. The user enters a range of data choices, such as the number of patients to be treated, protocols for the allocation of facility space and staff time, treatment protocols for opportunistic infections, and the prevention of mother-to-child transmission. With these inputs, the model will produce estimates for total costs and resource requirements under the alternative scenarios.

The ATC serves to provide a comprehensive framework within which to consider various ARV program options, and highlights the opportunities and constraints inherent in any policy choices being considered.

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The ATC Software and User's Manual can be downloaded from this website. The software and manual are also available in Spanish (ATC Software y Manual). A CD-ROM can also be obtained by contacting and by providing your name, title, organization, Email, and surface mailing address. For more information, comments, or suggestions on the format or the contents, please contact the ATC Information manager.


ATC screen captureThe software, data and information contained in the AIDSTREATCOST (ATC) Model are being provided "as is." Abt Associates Inc. makes no representation or warranty, either express or implied, as to their accuracy, completeness or fitness for a particular purpose. Abt Associates Inc. will not be liable to any extent relative to the use or reliance of the software, data, or information.

Further, the mention of specific companies or of certain products that may be required for the operation of this software does not imply any endorsement, recommendation, or license to use such items. Abt Associates Inc. is not responsible for any technical assistance or support associated with this software.

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