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HIV/AIDS Publications

Report Title
Technical Reports and Tools
Responding to HIV/AIDS Through Health System Strengthening
September 2006

A Situation Assessment of Human Resources in the Public Health Sector in Nigeria
Slavea Chankova, Ha Nguyen, David Chipanta, Gilbert Kombe, Ali Onoja, and Kayode Ogungbemi
September 2006

Stepping Up Health Worker Capacity to Scale Up Services in Kenya
Partners for Health Reformplus
August 2006

Rising to the Challenges of Human Resources for Health in Kenya: Developing Empirical Evidence for Policy Making
Slavea Chankova, Gilbert Kombe, Stephen Muchiri, Catherine Decker, Geoffrey Kimani, and Nancy Pielemeier
July 2006

National Resource Flows for HIV/AIDS in Kenya, Rwanda, and Zambia: A Comparative Analysis
Susna De and Tania Dmytraczenko
June 2006

The Value of Beneficiary Analyses: Who Benefits from Funds Targeted for HIV/AIDS?
Tania Dmytraczenko, Susna De, Catherine Chanfreau, and Lillian Kidane
January 2006

Feasibility of an Insurance Program for HIV/AIDS Financing in Uganda
Gary Gaumer, Xingzhu Liu, and Lennie Bazira Kyomuhangi
January 2006

Rwanda National Health Accounts 2002: Informing Health Financing Decisions
Revised October 2005

Estimating Resource Requirements for Scaling up Antiretroviral Therapy in Uganda
Rudolph Chandler and Stephen Musau
October 2005

HIV/AIDS Home-Based Care Costing Guidelines
Natasha Hsi, Stephen Musau, and Catherine Chanfreau
August 2005

Comprehensive Assessment of Human Resources for Health in Côte d’Ivoire
Available in French: Evaluation des Ressources Humaines pour la Santé en Côte d’Ivoire
Damascene Butera, John Vincent Fieno, Suzanne D. Diarra, Gilbert Kombe, Catherine Decker, and Soumahoro Oulai
August 2005

Human Resources Crisis in the Zambian Health System: A Call for Urgent Action
Gilbert Kombe, David Galaty, Vilepi Mtonga, and Priscilla Banda
August 2005

Field-testing Costing Guidelines for Home-based Care: The Case of Uganda
Stephen Musau, Catherine Chanfreau, and Lennie Bazira Kyomuhangi
July 2005

Costing HIV/AIDS Services for Community Health Fund Members and Non-members in Hanang District, Tanzania
Catherine Chanfreau, Stephen Musau, and Lillian Kidane
May 2005

Kenya National Health Accounts 2002: Estimating Expenditures on General Health and HIV/AIDS Care
March 2005

The Human and Financial Resource Requirements for Scaling Up HIV/AIDS Services in Ethiopia
Gilbert Kombe, David Galaty, Raj Gadhia, and Catherine Decker
February 2005

Linking Indicators from National Health Accounts and the NHA HIV/AIDS Subanalysis to Health Policy Goals
Pia Schneider and Paurvi Bhatt
October 2004

Scale-up of TB/HIV Collaborative Activities in Cambodia
Jayaseeli Bonnet, So Phat, Kunrath Seak, and Caroline Quijada
August 2004

Nigeria: Rapid Assessment of HIV/AIDS Care in the Public and Private Sectors
Partners for Health Reformplus, DELIVER, and POLICY Projects
August 2004

Costing Nevirapine Delivery to Infants: A Zambian Case Study
Sara Zellner and Stephen Musau
August 2004

Methodological Guidelines for Conducting a National Health Accounts Subanalysis for HIV/AIDS
Susna De, Tania Dmytraczenko, Catherine Chanfreau, Marie Tien, and Gilbert Kombe
June 2004

Estimating theCost of Providing Home-based Care for HIV/AIDS in Rwanda
Rudolph Chandler, Caytie Decker, and Bernard Nziyige
June 2004

Use of Information to Address TB/HIV in Cambodia, Workshop Proceedings from Banteay Meanchey, Battambang, Phnom Penh, and Sihanoukville
Jayaseeli Bonnet, So Phat, and Kunrath Seak
June 2004

Using the National Health Accounts Subanalysis to Track Resource Flows for HIV/AIDS
Marie Tien and Roselyn Ramos
June 2004

Fact Sheet on HIV/AIDS in Rwanda
Pia Schneider
April 2004

Health Systems Strengthening and HIV/AIDS: Annotated Bibliography and Resources
Lena Kolyada
March 2004

Scaling Up Antiretroviral Treatment in the Public Sector in Nigeria: A Comprehensive Analysis of Resource Requirements
Gilbert Kombe, David Galaty, and Chizoba Nwagbara
February 2004

The Costs of Anti-Retroviral Treatment in Zambia
Gilbert Kombe and Owen Smith
October 2003

Available in Spanish: Modelo de costeo de tratamientos del SIDA, programa de computación ATC
Jonathan Wilwerding, Gilbert Kombe, Owen Smith, and Alison Comfort
July 2003

Available in Spanish
: Modelo de costeo de tratamientos del SIDA, manual del usuario ATC
Jonathan Wilwerding, Gilbert Kombe, Owen Smith, and Alison Comfort
July 2003

Costing of HIV/AIDS Treatment in Mexico
Available in Spanish: Análisis de los costos de atención del VIH/SIDA en México
Sergio Antonio Bautista, Tania Dmytraczenko, Gilbert Kombe, and Stefano M. Bertozzi
Revised June 2003

Preliminary Review of Community-Based Health Financing Schemes and Their Potential for Addressing HIV/AIDS Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa
C. Natasha Hsi, Janet Edmond, and Alison Comfort
June 2002

A Step-by-Step Methodological Guide for Costing HIV/AIDS Activities
Margaret Phillips and Maggie Huff-Rousselle
March 2001

Funding and Implementing HIV/AIDS Activities in the Context of Decentralization: Ethiopia and Senegal
Cheikh Mbengue and Allison Gamble Kelley
February 2001

Contracting Non-governmental Organizations to Combat HIV/AIDS
Courtney Barnett, Catherine Connor, and Pamela J. Putney
February 2001

The Application of the National Health Accounts Framework to HIV/AIDS in Rwanda
Courtney Barnett, Manjiri Bhawalkar, A.K. Nandakumar, and Pia Schneider
February 2001

Contracting Non-governmental Organizations for HIV/AIDS: Brazil Case Study
Catherine Connor
March 2000

Design and Application of a Costing Framework to Improve Planning and Management of HIV/AIDS Programs
Alexander Telyukov, Francesca Stuer, and Katherine Krasovec
August 2000

Use of and Expenditures on Outpatient Health Care by a Group of HIV Positive Individuals in Rwanda
A.K. Nandakumar, Pia Schneider, Manjiri Bhawalker, and Damascene Butera
July 2000

In Briefs
A New Tool to Cost HIV/AIDS Treatment
May 2002

Costing Public Sector HIV/AIDS Treatment in Mexico
May 2002

Step-by-Step Methodological Guideline for HIV/AIDS Costing
May 2002

The Potential for Community-based Health Financing Schemes to Address HIV/AIDS Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa
May 2002

May 2000

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