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Minimum analysis standards poster

Often, districts collection surveillance information and send it to the regional and national levels where it is aggregated, but neglect to critically review and use the data themselves. To reinforce analysis concepts presented in the IDSR training, NIMR and PHRplus developed a summary table detailing 24 standard IDSR-related analyses that should be produced regularly by each district. The analyses were grouped into four categories: measures of disease burden, measures if IDSR performance, outbreak-related indicators, and feedback reports. The table gives a description for each analysis, type of analysis to be done, frequency, data source(s), and purpose. The table was printed in poster format, laminated, and hung near the computer used for IDSR data management and analysis in each district. A NIMR team member oriented district staff to its content and use. The primary purpose of this job aid was to serve as a reference for the person(s) responsible for IDSR data analysis and to ensure that each district regularly produces a standard set of analyses to monitor disease trends and system performance.

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