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NHA Workshop Highlights Progress Made in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Region

A view of scenic Tbilisi, Georgia. Photo by Marie Tien [December 2005]Representatives from nine countries met in Tbilisi, Georgia, December 7-9, 2005, providing an opportunity for participants to give updates on progress made in each country since the last CIS NHA workshop, which took place in 2003 in Almaty. Both workshops were organized under the leadership of the PHRplus project. In total, 32 participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan attended the workshop.

It was apparent that since 2003 NHA has gained momentum as the tool to help governments collect more accurate financial health data. For example, as the result of NHA findings in Georgia, the government is working with reliable data to improve health services for the poorest population. In addition, in 2006, there is a proposed 20% increase to the government health budget compared to the previous year.

Ukraine will have completed their first round of NHA and subanalysis on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health by April 2006. Both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will be taking significant steps to complete population of their NHA tables in 2006. Moldova expressed their commitment to work with the World Bank to institutionalize NHA and Azerbaijan renewed their interest in pursing NHA development. It is hoped that five countries will present their first NHA round findings at the final workshop in June 2006. Furthermore, the 2006 workshop will also include country subanalysis presentations on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS expenditures. Some countries are working to improve data sources for NHA estimations and institutionalize NHA by making adjustments in their monitoring and evaluation systems.

The Tbilisi workshop was successful and very well received by all participants who particularly liked the interactive nature of the event. Participants were able to have facilitated, open discussions on issues related to data collection, filling in the tables, and interpreting findings. In addition, an introductory session was held for those new to NHA. Many participants exchanged contact information to continue information sharing and collaboration and expressed motivation and interest to move forward with NHA work. Clicking on these links will allow you to access the agenda and workshop presentations and materials in Russian and English.

NHA participants from Azerbaijan and Moldova working through issues on determining health expenditure boundaries. Photo by Marie Tien [December 2005]Collaborating representatives from the Swedish Institute for Health Economics, the World Health Organization, UNAIDS, the World Bank, the Asia Development Bank, and Imperial College were in attendance. The workshop was sponsored by USAID and SIDA with support from the CoReform project.

The final CIS NHA workshop is planned for June 2006 (location TBD).

The NHA Training Manual is available electronically in English (final) and Russian (draft). Additional Russian NHA materials can be found at the website. For more information, please contact

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