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National Health Accounts Training Manual

Many countries are reforming their health systems to improve the management of health services as well as the distribution of these services, particularly to the poor. NHA, a tool that measures national health expenditures and tracks the flow of health funds through the health system, from sources through financing agents to users, enhances the understanding of health care financing and contributes to better-informed policy choices.

The National Health Accounts Training Manual will help to create academic and technical experts who are able not only to carry out an NHA study but to train others – both country NHA technical teams and policymakers – on implementing the NHA methodology, interpreting findings, and presenting the information in a way that is broadly understandable and applicable to decision making, and institutionalizing NHA. In this way, it increases the accessibility and use of the methodology worldwide.

The manual was field-tested several times, including at trainings in Nicaragua, Egypt, Mozambique, and Kazakhstan, and modified in response to participant needs and comments.

The manual contains pedagogical information for trainers, including learning objectives, training tips, and technical discussions; PowerPoint presentations for workshop sessions; and exercises for practicing the methodology. The final version of the training manual is now in a more user friendly format consolidating the previous 3 modules into one unit tailored for either the trainer or participant. The Participant Manual contains all of the PowerPoint presentations and exercises. The accompanying Trainer Manual serves as a training guide providing instructions and hints and includes the same contents as the Participant's Manual. While the manual is intended to be used in its entirety, especially when training is for country NHA technical team members, units can be re-arranged. This can be adapted for an audience of policymakers who need fewer technical details than an implementing team. The training manual is also available in Spanish (Manual del Instructor y Manual del Participante) and forthcoming in French.

The NHA Training Manual accompanies the Guide to producing NHA with special application to low-income and middle-income countries, published by WHO, the World Bank, and USAID in 2003.

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