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MAR 1: Analyzing the Process of Health Financing Reform

MAR 2: Impact of Alternative Provider Payment

MAR 3: Equity of Health Sector Revenue Generation and Allocation

MAR 4: Economics of Using Private Providers to Extend Coverage of Priority Services
MAR 5: Health Worker Motivation
MAR 6: Decentralization
PHR Major Applied Research Papers

PHRplus Technical Report

PHR's Major Applied Research (MAR) papers consisted of cross-country studies using sophisticated research methodology to produce new information on health reform for a broad group of policymakers.

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Report Title
First Year Literature Review for Applied Research Agenda
Ravindra Rannan-Eliya, Tisna Veldhuyzen van Zanten, and Abdo Yazbeck
November 1996

Applied Research Agenda
Available in Spanish:
Temario de Investigación Aplicada
March 1996

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