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PHRplus Technical Report
Report Title
Health Sector Reform in Cambodia
James Knowles
February 1996

Suggested National Health Sector Reform Strategies, Benchmarks, and Indicators in Egypt
James Setzer
June 1996

Economic Analysis of the Health Sector Policy Reform Program Assistance in Egypt
James Knowles and David Hotchkiss
June 1996

Social Vulnerability Analysis for the Health Sector Policy Reform Program Assistance in Egypt
Denise DeRoeck, Heba Nassar, David Hotchkiss, et al.
July 1996

Legal Analysis of the Health Sector Policy Reform Program Assistance in Egypt
Ahmed Abou Ali
September 1996

Analysis of the Political Environment for Health Policy Reform in Egypt
Nihal Hafez
September 1996

Analysis of the Institutional Capacity for Health Policy Reform in Egypt
Nihal Hafez
October 1996

Assessing Health Sector Policy Reform Strategies in Egypt: A Summary of PHR Analyses
Mark MacEuen
August 1997

Community Control of Health Financing in India: A Review of Local Experiences
Priti Dave Sen
January 1998

A Reform Strategy for Primary Care in Egypt
Peter Berman, Maha El-Adawy, A.K. Nandakumar, et al.
August 1997

Building Health Management Information Systems in Egypt: The Role of USAID Technical Support in Program Assistance
Gordon Cressman
March 1997

International Comparative Review of Health Care Regulatory Systems
Nihal Hafez
October 1997

Stakeholder Analysis: The Women and Children's Health Project in India
Yogesh Kumar, Nabarun Chaudhury, and Navin Vasudev
December 1997

Health Care Utilization and Expenditures in the Arab Republic of Egypt
Peter Berman, A.K. Nandakumar, and Winnie Yip
January 1998

Findings of the Egyptian Health Care Provider Survey
A.K. Nandakumar, Peter Berman, and Elaine Fleming
May 1999

Assessment of Third Party Payers in Jordan
Neil Hollander and Margie Rauch
September 1998

Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population Intranet/World Wide Website Strategic Plan
Bhawa Lal
June 1998

Rationalization Plan for Hospital Beds in Egypt
Gary Gaumer, Taghreed Adam, Wessam El Beih, Bhawa Lal, Elizabeth Arriaza, and Brad Atkinson
September 1999

Data Assessment for the National Information Center for Health and Population, Egypt
Gary Gaumer
July 1998

Monthly Indicators Reporting System for the National Information Center for Health and Population
Gary Gaumer
July 1998

Costing the Basic Benefits Package in Egypt
Jean-Jacques Frere, A.K. Nandakumar, Taghreed Adam, and Wessam El Beih
December 1998

Reorganization Plan for the Egyptian National Information Center for Health and Population
Brad Atkinson, Tayseer El-Sawy, Gordon Cressman, and Les Fishbein
June 1998

Health Expenditure Review: Alexandria, Egypt
A.K. Nandakumar, Khaled Nada, Ahmed Ibrahim, Marwa Ezzat, Mahmoud Abdel-Latif, and Ahsan Sadiq
May 1999

Options for Financing Health Services in the Pilot Facilities in Alexandria
A.K. Nandakumar, Mahmoud Abdel-Latif, amd Wessam El Beih
August 1999

Profile of the Uninsured in Jordan
Dwayne Banks, Lonna Milburn, and Hannan Sabri
September 1999

Health Information System Development Plan for Egypt: Phase 1 - HIS 2000
Gordon Cressman
June 1999

Consumers' Willingness to Pay for MOH-sponsored Voluntary Health Insurance in Jordan: A Focus Group Analysis
Dwayne Banks, Narmine Muna, and Tahani Shahrouri
October 1999

Establishing a Family Health Fund in Alexandria, Egypt: The Quality Contracting Component of the Family Health Care Pilot Project
Alan Edmond, Mary Paterson, Ahsan Sadiq, Linda Sadiq, Susan Scribner, and Nena Terrell
December 1999

The Health Insurance Organization of Egypt: An Analytical Review and Strategy for Reform
Hassan Abd El Fattah, Ibrahim Saleh, Emad Ezzat, Sameh El-Saharty, Maha El Adawy, A.K. Nandakumar, Catherine Connor, and Hassan Salah
August 1997

Implementing Hospital Autonomy in Jordan: Changing MOH Operating Procedures
Dwayne Banks, Rasha Ghannoum, Ayoub As-Sayaideh, Abdel Razzaq Shafei, and Hani Brosk
March 2000

Options for the Creation of a Monitoring and Evaluation Unit within the Ministry of Health and Population, Egypt
Alan Edmond and Erin Eckert
February 2000

Health Workforce Rationalization Plan for Egypt
Gary Gaumer, Wessam El Beih, and Samir Fouad
December 1999

Jordan National Health Accounts
Ali Al-Madani, Lubna Al-Shatwieen, Dwayne Banks, Manjiri Bhawalkar, Hani Brosk, Taissir Fardous, Hashem Irshaid, A.K. Nandakumar, Maher Odeh, Jamal Abu Saif, Taher Abu El-Samen, Munif Qtaishat, Ibrahim Shehata, and Ziad A. Ziadat
March 2000

Medical Records Systems Assessment of Family Health facilities in Egypt
Michael Forte
May 2000

Strategic Planning for the National Information Center for Health and Population, Two-year Business Plan
Brad Atkinson
June 2000

Focus Group Results: Family Health Pilot Test in Alexandria, Egypt
Nena Terrell, Ahmed Mahfouz, and Nadia Soliman
May 2000

Study of Hospital Referrals in the Pilot Program in Alexandria, Egypt
Mary Lyn Villaume, Marwa Ezzat, and Gary Gaumer
October 2000

Jordan Training Results Evaluation
Shirl Smith, Lonna Milburn, Jamal Abu-Saif, Manal Shahrouri, Janet Edmond, Anthony Mensah, and Joanne Jorissen
January 2001

Evaluation of the Demonstration Project for the Financing of Primary Health Care in Egypt
Ahsan Sadiq, Linda Sadiq, Wessam El baih, and Mary Paterson
January 2001

Comparative Report of National Health Accounts Findings from Eight Countries in the Middle East and North Africa
Susna De and Ibrahim Shehata
March 2001

Accreditation of Primary Health Care Facilities in Egypt: Program Policies and Procedures
Nadwa Rafeh
January 2001

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