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PHRplus Technical Report
Report Title
Overview of Better Health Through System Strengthening
September 2006

Increasing Use of Reproductive, Maternal, and Child Health Services Through Health System Strengthening
September 2006

Responding to HIV/AIDS Through Health System Strengthening
September 2006

Infectious Disease Surveillance and Response Through Health System Strengthening
September 2006

Tools to Improve Decision-Making for Health
September 2006

Improving Primary Health Care by Strengthening Accountability in the Health Sector
DerickBrinkerhoff and David Hotchkiss
June 2006

National Health Accounts Interim Estimation Model
Alan Fairbank
April 2006

How Effective are Health Systems Strengthening Programs in Reaching the Poor? A Rapid Assessments Approach
M. Mahmud Khan and David Hotchkiss
March 2006

The Value of Beneficiary Analyses: Who Benefits from Funds Targeted for HIV/AIDS?
Tania Dmytraczenko, Susna De, Catherine Chanfreau, and Lillian Kidane
January 2006

HIV/AIDS Home-Based Care Costing Guidelines
Natasha Hsi, Stephen Musau, and Catherine Chanfreau
August 2005

Linking Indicators from National Health Accounts and the NHA HIV/AIDS Subanalysis to Health Policy Goals
Pia Schneider and Paurvi Bhatt
October 2004

Monitoring and Evaluation of Decentralization Reforms in Developing Country Health Sectors
Available in Spanish: Monitoreo y Evaluación de las Reformas de Descentralización en los Sectores de Salud de los Países en Desarrollo
Paul L. Hutchinson and Anne K. LaFond
September 2004

Contracting for Primary Health Services: Evidence on Its Effects and a Framework for Evaluation
Xingzhu Liu, David R. Hotchkiss, Sujata Bose, Ricardo Bitran, and Ursula Giedion
September 2004

Monitoring and Evaluating Hospital Autonomization and Its Effects on Priority Health Services
Ramón Castaño, Ricardo Bitran, and Ursula Giedion
September 2004

Synthesis of Findings from NHA Studies in Twenty-Six Countries
A.K. Nandakumar, Manjiri Bhawalkar, Marie Tien, Roselyn Ramos, and Susna De
July 2004

Ensuring Contraceptive Security within New Development Assistance Mechanisms
Caroline Quijada, Tania Dmytraczenko, and Beaura Mensah
July 2004

Methodological Guidelines for Conducting a National Health Accounts Subanalysis for HIV/AIDS
Susna De, Tania Dmytraczenko, Catherine Chanfreau, Marie Tien, and Gilbert Kombe
June 2004

The System-Wide Effects of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: A Conceptual Framework
Sara Bennett and Alan Fairbank
October 2003

Financing of Artemisinin-Based Combination Antimalarial Drug Treatment
Yann Derriennic and Beaura Mensah
September 2003

Has Improved Availability of Health Expenditure Data Contributed to Evidence-Based Policymaking? Country Experiences with National Health Accounts
Susna De, Tania Dmytraczenko, Derick Brinkerhoff, and Marie Tien
May 2003

OPV vs IPV: Past and Future Choice of Vaccine in the Global Polio Eradication Program
Xingzhu Liu, Ann Levin, Marty Makinen, and Jennifer Day
Revised June 2003

Piloting Health System Reforms: A Review of Experience
Sara Bennett and Mary Paterson
January 2003

Accountability and Health Systems: Overview, Framework, and Strategies
Derick Brinkerhoff
January 2003

Literature Review and Findings: Implementation of Waiver Policies
Marie Tien and Grace Chee
March 2002

PHRplus Knowledge Building Agenda
Sara Bennett, Derick Brinkerhoff, Lynne Franco, Charlotte Leighton, Mary Paterson, and Nadwa Rafeh
March 2002

Health Reform Tool Series
Health Systems Strengthening and HIV/AIDS: Annotated Bibliography and Resources
Lena Kolyada
March 2004

National Health Accounts Training Manual
Susna De, Manjiri Bhawalkar, and Marie Tien
December 2003

Jonathan Wilwerding, Gilbert Kombe, Owen Smith, and Alison Comfort
July 2003

A Glossary of Health Reform Terms for Translators (English, French, Spanish, and Russian)
Liz Nugent and Lena Kolyada
July 2002

A Step-by-Step Methodological Guide for Costing HIV/AIDS Activities
Margaret Phillips and Maggie Huff-Rousselle
March 2001

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