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PHRplus Technical Report
Report Title
Community-based Health Financing and Child Health
September 2006

Stepping Up Health Worker Capacity to Scale Up Services in Kenya
August 2006

Meeting Millennium Development Goals: Using NHA to Understand Reproductive Health Financing
June 2005

Rwanda National Health Accounts 2002: Informing Health Financing Decisions
Revised October 2005

Kenya National Health Accounts 2002: Estimating Expenditures on General Health and HIV/AIDS Care
March 2005

Systemwide Effects of the Fund Research Network: Measuring the effects of the Global Fund on broader health systems
January 2005

Using Mutual Health Organizations to Promote Reproductive Health
October 2004

Comparing Methodologies: National Health Accounts and Financial Sustainability Plans
October 2004

The Role of Pilot Programs: Approaches to Health Systems Strengthening
August 2004

Investments in Health Contribute to Economic Development
Summary Available: Linkages Between Health and Development: A Summary of Recent Findings
June 2004

Studies of the Systemwide Effects of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria
June 2004

Using the National Health Accounts Subanalysis to Track Resource Flows for HIV/AIDS
June 2004

Fact Sheet on HIV/AIDS in Rwanda
April 2004

21 Questions on Community-Based Health Financing
March 2004

Supporting NHA in Africa; A Brief for Donors
August 2003

Health Sector Reform: How it Affects Reproductive Health
June 2003

National Health Accounts and its Relevance to Policymaking in the Middle East and North Africa
June 2003

Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa: Using NHA to Inform the Policy Process
June 2003

Jordan Healthcare Utilization and Expenditure Survey 2000
November 2002

Using NHA to Inform the Policy Process
Available in French:
L'utilisation des CNS pour informer le processus de décision politique
September 2002

Europe and Central Asia: Using NHA to Inform the Policy Process
September 2002

Strengthening Health System Responses to HIV/AIDS
Available in French:
Renforcement de la Réponse du Système de Santé au VIH/SIDA
Available in Spanish:
Fortaleciendo la respuesta de los sistemas de salud al VIH/SIDA
June 2002

PHRplus Brochure
Available in French:
Le Prospectus du Projet (PHRplus)
Available in Spanish:
Folleto de PHRplus
September 2000

Reducing Barriers to the Use of Basic Health Services: Findings on Demand, Supply, and Quality of Care in Sikasso and Bla
Available in French:
Rapport d’étude sur la demande, l’offre et la qualité des soins de base dans la commune de Sikasso et le cercle de Bla
February 2001

The Contribution of Mutual Health Organizations to Financing, Delivery, and Access to Health Care: Synthesis of Research in Nine West and Central African Countries
Available in French:
Contribution des mutuelles de santé au financement, à la fourniture et à l’accès aux soins de santé: Synthèse des travaux de recherche menés dans neuf pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre
July 1998

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